Voice and Data Network Specialists

We install and commission systems to cover the mobile voice and data networks you need. Our company specialises in consulting.

Successful Wireless Networks start with successful wireless site surveys

It’s no longer just about coverage anymore. We will ensure there is less congestion on your network.


Voice and Data

Drawing upon over three decades of industry expertise, Chetnet Limited stands as your dedicated communications specialist, adept in catering to your Voice and Data requirements.

Through the strategic integration of cutting-edge technologies like Unified Communications, we facilitate heightened levels of employee productivity, thereby augmenting operational efficiency and overall profitability for your business. Our extensive experience and deep-rooted proficiency uniquely position us to guide your enterprise in maintaining competitive edge within an ever-evolving market landscape

Wireless Site Surveys

Wireless Site Surveys encompass a structured series of procedures enabling surveyors to gain comprehensive insights into the physical environment from an RF (Radio Frequency) standpoint, while also aligning with the WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) specifications defined by the WLAN owner in accordance with their business requirements.

Our specialised expertise extends across four distinct categories of Wi-Fi Site Surveys: Passive, Active, Predictive, and Wi-Fi Health Checks.

For inquiries regarding a Wi-Fi survey tailored to your business needs or to engage in a detailed discussion, we invite you to kindly get in touch with us.