Chetnet Wireless Troubleshooting

Wireless Wireless Troubleshooting - We understand and fix WiFi problems when they happen with professional desktop and mobile software and hardware.

Wi-Spy Air

wi-spy air

The Wi-Spy Air is also a dual-band Spectrum Analyzer. On top of that, it also has a dedicated WiFi chip that captures WiFi packets.

 On some occasions, we can locate and isolate without the need of firing up a laptop. This small but very powerful tool enables us to a visual overview of your wireless environment, including your neighbouring netwroks. 



Eye PA

Eye P.A. is our toolkit for visual packet analysis. Quickly view WiFi airtime utilization for all access points, client devices, and packet types transmitted on a selected channel. Identify and fix common WiFi configuration issues, such as non-standard channels, channel saturation, legacy data rates and sub-optimal network security. Find and fix packet loss, monitor channel capacity, and minimize congestion.



Chanalyzer Essential is a deep dive into spectrum analysis. Monitor your 2.4 and 5GHz WiFi networks in real time, visualize radio frequency (RF) congestion, locate sources of WiFi and non-WiFi interference, monitor WiFi channel saturation, and detect intermittent WiFi interferers. Create visually compelling reports of dead spots, saturation, and rogue APs.

Chetnet Wireless Troubleshooting

The intricacies of wireless networking often involve complexities not immediately apparent to end-users. To address these complexities, we employ specialized tools to effectively pinpoint and rectify issues within your wireless network.

Interference poses a substantial challenge, particularly in densely populated environments. Upon initial Internet setup, many users retain default wireless frequency channels, such as 1, 6, and 11, resulting in high congestion. Identifying potential sources of interference, which can stem from factors like lighting and microwave ovens, is a task best accomplished with the aid of specialized diagnostic tools.

Regrettably, driver-related complications persist as a potential concern for Windows-based systems. Despite the activation of Windows updates, a significant portion of hardware drivers do not undergo automatic updates. Therefore, it is imperative to proactively inspect and update the drivers for your wireless adapter to ensure seamless and reliable network performance.