Chetnet Wireless Solutions

At Chetnet Limited we can plan, install and manage your wireless solutions taking the guesswork out of your Wi-Fi deployment. We will start from either a desktop survey or a full on site survey to determine where best placed your access points will be to optimise your connectivity. We can also supply fit and manage wireless bridges to connect two + buildings together.
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A wireless site survey will identify signal strength at all points of your building, creating the foundations for a solid radio enhancement system. It offers information about where to put access points to get around poor signal and interference.


Wireless networking is quite complicated behind the scenes, for this reason, interference can be a real issue, especially in crowded areas. When most people first get their Internet set up, they leave settings unchanged.

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No matter what type of business you run, a reliable, high-speed internet connection in a cafe or waiting room is mandatory for today’s internet savvy traveller. Guests now expect to have access to a secure internet connection to upload their recent photos onto Facebook and stay in touch with family and friends.

Chetnet Point-to-Point Wireless Solutions

Short distance P2P Wireless Solutions
This the most common type of scenario, where your two locations are less than 1 mile apart, have a clear, unobstructed, line of sight, from building to building, and just need the basics.  Line of sight means no trees, or other obstacles are in the way.  These wireless bridge kits can be used for anything from sharing the Internet between two locations to sharing voice, video, files, or other data.

Long-distance P2P Wireless Solutions
For any application where your two locations are greater than 3 miles apart, it is recommended to email our support department your lat/long, or GPS coordinates of the two locations.  This will allow us to run a quick, site alignment analysis to determine if a link is possible between your two locations, and what antenna height is recommended.  For point to point wireless greater than 3 miles, a clear, unobstructed, line of sight is required.

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