Scambaiters PC

NB: Please note that I’m personally not a scam baiter and do not promote scambaiting, I don’t have time to waste on these people, I just hand up and not say anything. I’m just providing information on how they work and what users do to waste their time.

There is a huge community out there who dedicate their spare time to wasting scambaiters time, they can be on the phone hours with them letting the scammers believe they are about to get a few pounds from a victim, in some cases the scambaiters reverse their connection to gain control of the scammers PC and delete all their files, most of the time scammers are dumb who just read from scripts and run the same commands on your PC, however, there are a few seasoned scammers who lookup your IP address and to find where you roughly live.

If you were to set-up your own scambaiters PC to join this community of scambaiters, you need to make sure that you have a few things in place first because you will be allowing scammers to connect to your PC, well not your PC because that would be foolish; you need to set-up a virtual scambaiters PC, you can then take a snapshot of your virtual scambaiters PC and restore it if the scammers infect you with a virus of some sort, Don’t use your own personal PC as a Scambaiters PC

For my scambaiters PC, I’m going to use VirtualBox 6.1 as my Virtual Machine (VM) and Windows 10, I will also install a couple more tools along the way including a VPN so I can not be located.

First of all, we need to download and install VirtualBox 6.1 onto you PC, its a simple next, next, finish to set-up

You will now need a windows ISO, as mentioned above I’m will be using Windows 10 for my scambaiters PC, point your browser to, download the Media creation tool and run it, accept the agreement to kick off the process of creating the ISO, you need to select Create installation media and click Next, select your language, then click next, select ISO file and click next again, enter the location where you want t save the ISO and the process will begin, will take around 10 minutes to complete.

gettting a few things ready install media languageISO  Process

Once downloaded we need to create the VM that will contain the scambaiters PC, Open up your newly installed Virtual Box which should look like this.

Click on the New button to create a virtual machine, point to a folder where you want to store the VM, I’m using an empty drive, and then give the VM a name – click next
create vm

I’m going to half of my PC’s memory then follow the recommended prompts.
memorydynamic vdihdd

You should now have a Windows 10 VM ready to be installed, but before we click start, we need to enable sharing clipboards as this will kae it easiser when we have to change registry settings later. click on settings > General > Advanced and change the Shared Clipboard to Bidirectional and click OK
start vmclipboard


At this point, you should be able to click start and then select the ISO that you want to boot from, however, mine failed numerous times, not sure if its a bug or not, I selected the ISO before I click start which solved my issue Under Storage on the VM. select the optical drive, then select Choose a disk file and locate the ISO

Now click start to start the install process going, this is just a standard windows install, I used Windows 10 home os my OS, I also chose new install, the install process will take around 40 minutes to complete, once complete our last step in this part will be to make the VM full screen instead of sitting in a small window, as it stands you can still see the Virtual box taskbar.
small screen

To resolve this we need to install blsbla via the guest image, from the Virtual box menu bar select Devices > Insert Guest CD Image
guest image

From the VM the desktop select the files Folder > This PC > then double click the CD Drive
cd drive

Next, double click VBox Windows Additions and install it with its defaults, once complete allow windows to reboot, you will now be able to select Full Screen from the Virtual Box menu.

That is the installation stage complete, next, we will need to hide the fact that this PV is in fact a virtual PC, it’s one of the first things a decent scammer checks for, not that any scammers out there are decent.
If you look in the taskbar you will see that there is a VM Virtual box there, also Sysinfo will show that we are running a Virtual box.

Hide a Virtual PC from a Scammer